Top 10 Things to do in Hawaii


The Hawaiian island coast is a beautiful place there is plenty to do including exploring the marine, it is a perfect opportunity to explore the creators of the sea and animals (sharks, turtles and tropical fish. Aside from the marine life in Hawaii there are also famous hikes and places to check out. Explore Hawaii with our top ten things to do in Hawaii.

#10 Hang with the dolphins
Come face to face with a dolphin in Hawaii, this is a great way to learn how to interact with the dolphins and you have the opportunity interact with the dolphins including touching, playing and feeding the dolphins. Interacting with the dolphins is a great way to experience outdoor recreation in the Hawaii and getting closer to nature. Do more exploring by scuba diving some of the worlds most beautiful waters, at Hawaii School of Diving, they have the perfect course for you.

#9 Zip-line
There are side by side zip lines that covers the beaches, mountains, farms. Stand on the top of a mountain take in the view and get an birds eye view of the island. There are several locations in Hawaii where you can zip-line, the North Shore of Oahu at Kualoa Ranch or The big island. Explore the volcano Kohala aerial view the forest mountains and volcano

#8 Surf on the beach. If surfing is new to you the island provides with the proper instructor or board to ride the waves

#7 Go snorkeling on the Big Island, explore the crystal clear water and the tropical fish

# 6 Hike to Ka’Ena point O’hu
Ka’ena is a state park and a protective nature area that spreads over 850 acres of the coastline

#5 Paragliding in Hawaii
Paragliding is the newest and easiest way to enjoy flying this 16099729650_5ef4c1df30_kexperience will truly give you a view and experience like no other. The basics of paragliding is simple and easy learn in one day!

#4 Ride your bike in Maui Halekala
In Halekala there are several tours offered this is an unique experience an easy going activity and a great way to explore nature. The ride can get a little dangerous because pf the slope, and sharp turns and that you are sharing the road with other cars. The tours range from guided or some companies give you the option to rent the equipment and you are free to go at your own pace